From Streets to Memories: FDC Electral's Vibrant Cab Wrap Journey

From Streets to Memories: FDC Electral's Vibrant Cab Wrap Journey


FDC, the pioneering manufacturer of the WHO-approved Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) known as Electral, has emerged as a game-changer in the fight against preventable deaths caused by diarrhoeal dehydration. With their innovative product and exceptional marketing strategies, FDC has successfully transformed Electral into a trusted household name.

Partnering up with Wrap2Earn

Teaming up with Wrap2Earn, FDC embarked on a memorable cab wrap journey to celebrate its 50th anniversary and to promote its brand. The success of its first campaign led to a second edition, solidifying FDC Electral's position as an innovative and trendsetting brand.

The goal was to capture attention, foster brand recall, and leave a lasting impression. To achieve this, over 300 cabs were transformed into vibrant rolling billboards, adorned with attractive full cab wraps and partial cab wraps across two major cities.

A Grand Success

The results were absolutely remarkable! The 3-month campaign covered a staggering distance of 5.5M kilometers and achieved an excellent 380M impressions. Additionally, chemists and pharmacists expressed interest in restocking Electral, highlighting the campaign's impact. The "Hari-peeli" cabs became iconic symbols of FDC Electral, catching the eyes of onlookers everywhere they went. The streets came alive with a burst of colors, creating a visual spectacle that was hard to ignore.

Breaking The Mould

FDC's collaboration with Wrap2Earn pioneered "Full Cab Wrap Advertising", setting a new trend in the industry. By leaving an unforgettable imprint on the streets, FDC has set the stage for a new era in advertising, showcasing the power of innovative and visually striking campaigns!