Wrap2Earn: How Onsitego Wrapped Its Way to Brand Domination

Onsitego x Wrap2Earn
Onsitego x Wrap2Earn


In today's competitive market, cutting through the noise and building brand awareness is critical. Onsitego, India’s leading device care provider offering extended warranties and device protection plans, faced this challenge head-on. Their solution? Wrap2Earn’s car advertising campaign transforming cars into branded moving billboards across major Indian cities.

Strategic Objectives:

The Wrap2Earn campaign had two clear goals:

  1. Generate Brand Awareness: Onsitego aimed to significantly increase brand awareness among their target audience in key metro cities.
  2. Drive Brand Recognition: By creating a visually distinct and memorable campaign, Onsitego sought to boost brand recognition and recall, ensuring they stayed top-of-mind for consumers.


To achieve these ambitious goals, Onsitego implemented the following solutions:

  • Four-Door Car Wraps: The campaign utilized vibrant and creative car wraps that covered all four doors of the cab.
Onsitego x Wrap2Earn
Onsitego x Wrap2Earn
  • Targeting Metro Cities: The campaign strategically focused on high-traffic cities like Mumbai and Delhi, which ensured increased visibility.
  • Strategic Timing: By launching during the summer, Onsitego tapped into the increased demand for AC repairs, a key pain point their services address. This ensured their message resonated with the audience at a crucial time when they were most likely seeking solutions.

The Outcome:

This campaign exceeded expectations, delivering impressive results. With 1600 branded cars participating in the campaign for two months, Onsitego achieved consistent brand visibility across the targeted cities. The sheer number of vehicles ensured their message was seen repeatedly by a large audience, creating a lasting impression and significantly increasing the brand recognition. This high-frequency exposure solidified brand recall and cemented Onsitego's position in the minds of consumers.


This Wrap2Earn campaign serves as a testament to the power of innovative marketing strategies in achieving brand awareness and recognition goals. By leveraging eye-catching car wraps, strategic targeting, contextually relevant messaging, and the high frequency of branded vehicles, Onsitego successfully reached a wide audience and created a lasting impact. This case study highlights the importance of creative thinking, strategic execution, and maximizing visibility to drive brand success.