Beyond Billboards: Ambi Pur's Olfactory Adventure in Cab Advertising

Beyond Billboards: Ambi Pur's Olfactory Adventure in Cab Advertising
Ambi Pur Cab Branding Case Study


Forget traffic jams and stale air, imagine your next cab ride as a portal to a refreshing oasis. That's what Ambi Pur, the iconic brand of air freshener products, achieved with their innovative "Wrap2Earn" campaign. This multi-sensory experience redefined the taxi commute and took brand engagement to a whole new level.

Strategic Objectives:

Ambi Pur wasn't just aiming to sell air fresheners; they set their sights on:

  • Transforming everyday commutes: More than just advertising, they wanted to create a memorable brand experience that went beyond visuals.
  • Boosting brand awareness: High-visibility cab wraps would dominate the streets of Mumbai, putting Ambi Pur front and center.
  • Influencing purchase decisions: Making the product readily available and positively impacting perception, they wished to nudge riders towards action.
  • Crafting a holistic branding approach: They wanted to utilize the various touch points in cab wrap branding seamlessly


"Ambi Pur's Cab Branding Campaign" wasn't your average air freshener marketing ploy. It was a sensory masterpiece orchestrated through three key solutions:

  • Refreshing Creative: Over 500 cabs were wrapped in vibrant, refreshing wraps, transforming city streets into Ambi Pur billboards and instantly grabbing attention.
  • Product placement: The real magic happened inside. Actual Ambi Pur products were placed in each cab, allowing passengers to experience the delightful scents firsthand and forge a stronger emotional connection with the brand.
  • CTA : Internal sunboards guided passengers to the product's online purchase page, offering a seamless transition from experience to action.

The Outcome:

The "Ambi Pur x Wrap2Earn Car Advertising Campaign" delivered a sweet-smelling success story:

  • Brand Exposure: Eye-catching wraps dominated city streets, reaching a vast audience with every ride.
  • Unforgettable Brand Experience: The combination of sight, smell, and digital touchpoints created a lasting impression that went beyond advertising.
  • Purchase Decisions with a Fragrance: Passengers exposed to the campaign were more likely to choose Ambi Pur products, proving the effectiveness of multi-sensory marketing.


Ambi Pur's Car Wrap Advertising campaign with Wrap2Earn, India's leading cab branding agency, stands as a testament to the power of multi-sensory branding. By orchestrating a symphony of visuals, olfactory delights, and digital convenience, they transformed ordinary cab rides into extraordinary brand experiences. They drove awareness, engagement, and ultimately, sales, proving that sometimes, the best way to reach customers might just be to put the product in their path, literally. So, the next time you hail a cab, take a moment to appreciate the potential for sensory branding. You never know, it might just be the start of a fragrant journey toward brand loyalty.