Godrej AER x Wrap2Earn: A Case Study in Sensory Branding and Impulse Purchase

Godrej AER x Wrap2Earn: A Case Study in Sensory Branding and Impulse Purchase
Godrej AER x Wrap2Earn


In today's competitive market, brands are constantly seeking innovative ways to capture consumer attention and drive sales. Godrej AER, a leading air freshener brand in India, partnered with Wrap2Earn to create a unique campaign that combined sensory branding, product experience, and impulse purchase. This case study delves into the strategic objectives, solutions implemented, and the impactful results achieved through this collaborative effort.

Strategic Objectives:

The Godrej AER x Wrap2Earn campaign aimed to achieve two key objectives:

  • Brand awareness: Increase brand visibility and recall among target audiences in Mumbai and Delhi.
  • Product experience: Allow consumers to directly experience the fragrance and benefits of Godrej AER car fresheners.


To achieve these objectives, the campaign implemented a dynamic approach:

  • Attractive car wraps: 500 vehicles became brand ambassadors on wheels, showcasing the product with simple yet impactful visuals that resonated with target audiences.
  • Product placement in cabs: These 500 branded cabs in Mumbai and Delhi were equipped with Godrej AER car fresheners placed on the dashboards. This ensured continuous exposure to the brand and product during cab rides.
Godrej AER x Wrap2Earn
Godrej AER x Wrap2Earn
  • Sun boards in cars: Eye-catching sun boards were installed in the branded cabs, highlighting the specific Godrej AER fragrance being used and drawing attention to the product's key features.
Godrej AER x Wrap2Earn
Godrej AER x Wrap2Earn
  • QR code for impulse purchase: A QR code linked to a microsite offering a discounted purchase opportunity was displayed on the sun boards. This facilitated immediate product trial and purchase, leveraging the positive in-cab experience.

The Outcome:

The Godrej AER x Wrap2Earn campaign delivered impressive results:

  • Increased brand awareness: The campaign generated significant impressions through cab branding and sun board visibility, effectively increasing brand awareness in the target cities.
  • Enhanced product experience: The in-cab placement allowed consumers to experience the Godrej AER fragrance firsthand, creating a positive association with the brand.
  • Boosted sales: The convenient QR code for discounted purchases drove impulse purchases, resulting in a measurable increase in sales.


The Godrej AER x Wrap2Earn campaign stands as a successful example of sensory branding and impulse purchase strategies. By combining strategic product placement, eye-catching visuals, and a seamless purchase opportunity, the campaign achieved its objectives of brand awareness, product experience, and sales growth. This case study highlights the power of innovative marketing tactics in creating impactful consumer engagement and driving business success.