JSW Neosteel x BuzzOmni Case Study: Amplifying Brand Presence in Karnataka

JSW Neosteel x BuzzOmni Case Study: Amplifying Brand Presence in Karnataka


JSW Neosteel, a leading player in the TMT bar industry, sought to significantly elevate its brand awareness and positioning in Karnataka. To achieve this, they partnered with BuzzOmni, a leading outdoor advertising agency, to develop and execute a strategic large-format outdoor campaign.


The campaign was designed to address three key objectives: amplifying brand visibility and product awareness for JSW Neosteel's TMT bars throughout the target region, solidifying the brand's image as a reliable and trusted provider of high-quality products, and ensuring consumers readily recall the JSW Neosteel brand when making TMT bar purchase decisions. By effectively addressing these objectives, the campaign aimed to drive significant growth for JSW Neosteel in the Karnataka market.


Lytads designed a comprehensive outdoor campaign that encompassed the following key elements:

  • 3-month campaign duration: This sustained campaign timeframe ensured consistent brand exposure and maximized audience impact.
  • Strategically positioned large format hoardings: The campaign utilized strategically placed, large format billboards in high-traffic areas across Karnataka. These eye-catching displays guaranteed maximum visibility and brand recognition.
  • Ensured wide area coverage for maximum audience impact: Through careful site selection, the campaign achieved comprehensive coverage across the target region, reaching a wide audience and maximizing potential impact.
  • Crafted communication in the local language for resonance: The creatives were designed in the local Kannada language to ensure clear communication and resonate with the target audience.
  • Uniform communication with a single creative across all areas: Maintaining a consistent message across all campaign elements fostered brand recognition and reinforced the key messaging.
  • Outdoor site visualizer: BuzzOmni provided JSW Neosteel with a cutting-edge outdoor site visualizer. This tool enabled JSW to visualize their campaign coverage in real-time, ensuring optimal decision-making and campaign effectiveness.

Shattering Expectations

The JSW Neosteel outdoor campaign shattered expectations, exceeding all initial objectives and rewriting the brand's narrative in Karnataka. Brand awareness and recognition erupted throughout the region, propelling JSW Neosteel to the forefront of the TMT bar industry. The campaign's carefully crafted message resonated deeply with the target audience, effectively solidifying JSW Neosteel's image as a reliable and trusted provider of high-quality products.

This newfound brand perception, coupled with the sustained campaign duration and consistent messaging, led to a dramatic improvement in brand recall. This strategically crafted outdoor expansion of JSW Neosteel cemented its position as a dominant force in the Karnataka market, paving the way for continued success and solidifying their place as a trusted partner for construction projects throughout the region.

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