Lakshya Event's Shopper's Mela: A Case Study in Effective Outdoor Advertising

Lakshya Event's Shopper's Mela: A Case Study in Effective Outdoor Advertising
Lakshya Event's Shopper's Mela: Outdoor Advertising Campaign


Making a lasting impression is paramount in the dynamic world of fashion and lifestyle exhibitions. Lakshya Event's Shopper's Mela-Fashion & Lifestyle Exhibition embraced this challenge with a meticulously planned out-of-home marketing campaign that created a memorable experience in the minds of the audience. In this blog, we unravel the success story, showcasing how a week-long campaign strategically harnessed various media options, including bus queue shelters and hoardings, to capture the imagination of the local audience.

Strategic Planning:

The campaign's success stemmed from a well-defined strategy that capitalized on the strengths of various media options. While there exist various hyperlocal media offerings such as Cinema, bus wraps, apartment advertising, mall branding, etc. Strategizing with BuzzOmni, a leading outdoor advertising agency, Lakshya Event leveraged:

  • Bus queue shelter advertising: This provided a localized approach, enabling direct engagement with commuters in specific areas. This strategy ensured maximum reach and brand awareness.
  • Hoardings: These large-format displays created a high impact, enhancing brand recall. Strategic placement in high-traffic locations further amplified the campaign's results.

The chosen media options offered several benefits that contributed significantly to the campaign's success:

  • Hyperlocal Targeting: Bus shelters allowed for focused marketing efforts in specific neighborhoods, ensuring the message resonated with the local community. This increased engagement and made the exhibition feel more relevant and accessible.
  • 24/7 Visibility: Hoardings and bus shelters both provided continuous exposure, reminding the audience about the event throughout the campaign period. This sustained presence helped build anticipation and excitement thereby resulting in an increased number of footfalls for the exhibition.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Since the message was to be communicated in geo-targeted areas, the localized bus shelters and hoardings worked as a cost-effective way of communicating with the local audience as compared to other media offerings.
  • High Impact: The large format of hoardings and strategic placement of bus shelters allowed for impactful attention-grabbing visuals to be showcased, capturing attention and effectively communicating the message.

BuzzOmni's expertise in media planning played a crucial role. Their deep understanding of the client's goals and target audience enabled them to select the most effective media options while ensuring cost efficiency. This tailored approach maximized the campaign's impact and exceeded Lakshya Event's expectations.

The objective was clear: to achieve maximum visibility and reach among the targeted audience. These thoughtfully selected hyperlocal media became the canvas for the exhibition's vibrant message.

Tailoring for the Local Audience:

The campaign carefully considered the local audience. Media options were chosen to resonate with the community's preferences and cultural nuances. This personalized approach fostered a sense of connection and made the exhibition more appealing.

Maintaining Consistency:

A key factor in the campaign's success was the consistent communication across all media platforms. This ensured a clear and unified brand message, regardless of where the audience encountered it. This repetition reinforced brand recognition and further solidified the Shopper's Mela's identity.

The Power of a Week-long Campaign:

The strategically chosen one-week duration created a sense of urgency and excitement around the Shopper's Mela-Fashion & Lifestyle Exhibition. This timeframe was sufficient to generate significant buzz without overwhelming the audience.


In the realm of event promotion, a well-executed marketing campaign can make a significant difference. Shopper's Mela-Fashion & Lifestyle Exhibition showcased the power of strategic planning and targeted messaging. By utilizing bus shelter advertising and hoardings in nearby locations, they not only captured attention but also left an enduring impression on the local audience.

The impact of BuzzOmni x Lakshya Event's outdoor advertising campaign in Secunderabad is rightly portrayed by the kind words shared by Lakshya Event's Founder, Sony Bhatt-

"I was introduced to BuzzOmni while seeking innovative event promotion solutions. The sales representatives at BuzzOmni aptly comprehended our specific requirements and provided a prompt, clear solution while catering to our budget. Even with the existing time constraints and challenges, the team worked diligently to ensure our brand achieved optimal visibility, regardless. The remarkable visuals, the quality of work, and the quick turnaround time left us thoroughly impressed and satisfied with our decision to choose BuzzOmni. It has become our go-to destination for all future outdoor media campaigns!"