Top 5 outdoor advertising mediums

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Advertising has been around for centuries, ads influence 90% of sales and many businesses can not even sell their products without getting them advertised. Thus, the search for a dynamic and effective medium to advertise on is always a constant need for businesses.

There are various mediums available like print, static billboards, broadcast advertising, social media ads, point-of-sale displays, retail advertising, and guerrilla advertising to serve the needs of all sorts of businesses. But despite the emergence of a new medium of advertising and the unknown rate of sales conversions in outdoor advertising, it is among the most used mediums.

The top 5 outdoor advertising mediums are:

1. Billboards

Static billboards are the most popular, used forms of advertising and the most effective. Billboard advertising can be seen by thousands of people every day, which provides a great way to get your message out to a wide audience. The tremendous audience exposure that it gets makes it an "all-time relevant” option

2. Bus stands and shelters

While bus shelters are designed to protect bus passengers, brands often use this space to advertise their products and services as well. This space gives a place for the brand to reach out to prospective customers who spend a lot of time traveling. While bus stands and shelters can be an effective form of advertising, they can also be a source of litter and graffiti. If not properly maintained, bus shelters can quickly become an eyesore.

3. Outdoor hoardings

Hoardings are an invaluable tool for marketing products and services. It allows businesses to reach a wide audience with their message and can be a very effective way to promote sales. Eye-catching and well-designed hoardings are placed in high-traffic areas for drivers and pedestrians to see. It can be a significant expense but when used correctly, outdoor hoarding advertising can be a very effective marketing tool.

4. Transit advertising

Transit advertising is a form of advertising that uses public transportation to reach consumers. It can take many forms, including ads on cars, autos, trains, and subways. Transit advertising is an effective way to reach a large number of people in a short amount of time. It is also a cost-effective form of advertising, as it can be targeted to specific geographical areas. It is vital to consider the overall look and feel of your transit ads, as well as the message you are trying to communicate for desired results.

5. Digital outdoor advertising

It is new to the marketing arsenal and quite impressive due to its effects. Augmented Reality, VR, 3D graphics, and videos are used in it. Unlike billboards, hoardings, and transit ads, one can use several ads at once, as they keep switching from one to another. The striking features of digital outdoor advertising make it an ideal medium for driving awareness and consideration for brands and products. The rate of sales conversion is also high as it can target the audience, providing a customized experience that resonates with them. To maximize the effectiveness of the campaigns, they are carefully planned and executed.