Buzzing with Success: How BuzzOmni Amplified Lollapalooza in Mumbai

BuzzOmni x Lollapalooza
BuzzOmni x Lollapalooza


Mumbai's music scene buzzed with anticipation in the weeks leading up to Lollapalooza 2024. But with a sea of festivals vying for attention, how could Lollapalooza stand out and leave an impact? Their strategic campaign not only amplified the festival's presence but also cemented its position as the hottest musical event in town.

Strategic Objectives:

Lollapalooza's goals were clear:

  • Leave an impact: They not only wanted to create a buzz around their event but also leave an impact on the masses. They aimed to create anticipation about their music festival.
  • Artist Spotlight: They also wanted to highlight the festival's impressive lineup of talented performers.
  • Drive sales: Another goal was to convert curiosity into action and encourage ticket purchases.


The campaign unfolded over 15 action-packed days, blanketing Mumbai with Lollapalooza fever:

  • Impactful Billboards: Strategically placed billboards across the city boasted eye-catching visuals featuring the festival's star performers. They utilized 10 billboards, both traditional and digital. These vibrant displays were impossible to miss, igniting excitement amongst music fans.
Lollapalooza Billboards
Lollapalooza Billboards
  • Wrap2⁠Earn: 250-300 cabs transformed into moving advertisements, adorned with Lollapalooza branding. These omnipresent vehicles cruised through high-traffic areas and festival hotspots, ensuring maximum visibility.
Lollapalooza Car Branding
Lollapalooza Car Branding
  • During the 2 days of the event, 60-70 wrapped cars were cruising around the venue of the music festival to create a hammering effect.
  • LytAds: Over 200 taxi-top screens displayed dynamic Lollapalooza content, grabbing attention from every angle. This multi-media approach bombarded audiences with the festival's message, leaving no room for indifference.
Lollapalooza Taxi Top Advertising

The Outcome:

The results were nothing short of phenomenal:

  • Increased brand awareness: Lollapalooza's presence became impossible to ignore, significantly boosting brand awareness and establishing the festival as a major player in Mumbai's music scene.
  • Artist appreciation: The campaign successfully highlighted the festival's impressive lineup, generating excitement for each performer and fueling anticipation for their sets.
  • Soaring sales: Ticket sales skyrocketed, exceeding expectations and solidifying Lollapalooza's position as a must-attend event.
  • Multimedia approach: They holistically utilized diverse media channels to deliver and expand their communications which left a striking effect.


BuzzOmni's strategic campaign for Lollapalooza was a masterclass in creating buzz and driving results. Lollapalooza's success was about creating a cultural moment. The campaign's strategic use of multimedia, targeted placements, and captivating visuals not only generated buzz but also fostered a sense of community and anticipation. This case study serves as a blueprint for festivals seeking to make their mark, reminding us that impactful marketing goes beyond mere promotion – it's about creating an unforgettable experience.