More Than Just Ads: Dabur Odonil's In-Cab Experience Winning Hearts

Wrap2Earn x Dabur Odonil
Wrap2Earn x Dabur Odonil


Monsoons often bring unwanted guests - puddles, traffic jams, and yes, stubborn car odours. But what if a brand saw this rainy season as an opportunity, not an obstacle? That's exactly what Dabur Odonil did. Forget umbrellas and raincoats, this campaign offered a solution tailored for the season - car fresheners.

Strategic Objectives:

This campaign was not just an ordinary cab branding campaign it was experiential advertising. It had a clear vision, fueled by four distinct goals:

  • Generating product awareness: The aim was to break through the noise, introduce the product to a captive audience, and spark initial curiosity.
  • Increasing Brand recall: Beyond just awareness, the campaign strived to create lasting imprints. Here, the goal was to solidify the brand's image, ensuring it wouldn't be easily forgotten. / creating a memorable experience
  • Driving Brand Engagement: The campaign sought to foster active interaction. This meant more than just seeing the branding; it meant experiencing the product and driving the customer to purchase the product,
  • Amplifying Brand Visibility: The campaign aimed to make the brand impossible to miss. (mention number of cabs, duration of campaign)


  • One-way vision branding: In Mumbai's bustling traffic, eyes naturally drift towards the backs of cars. This campaign cleverly took advantage of that, using clear and informative one-way vision branding on cabs. Every journey became a chance to deliver their message, ensuring maximum visibility with minimal clutter.
Odonil One-way vision branding
One-way vision branding
  • Product placement: Placing the products in the cab wasn't just advertising; it was a practical offering, providing passengers with a much-needed breath of fresh air during their rainy commutes. But the benefit went beyond immediate relief. By allowing passengers to directly experience the product's effectiveness, the campaign sparked curiosity and encouraged trial.
  • Internal branding: Dabur Odonil also leveraged internal sun boards which had QR codes on them. With a quick scan, passengers were directed to the product's purchase page, transforming mere exposure into immediate action.
Odonil Sun boards
Internal branding
  • Product giveaways: To form an emotional bond with both drivers and passengers, the brand went beyond advertising and offered generous product giveaways. Every cab became a mini-oasis, equipped with samples for passengers to experience firsthand the product's refreshing fragrance.
Odonil Product Giveaway
Product Giveaway


The Dabur Odonil x Wrap2Earn campaign wasn't just about combating monsoon odors; it was an aromatic experience that delivered impressive results:

Citywide Scentsation: Eye-catching one-way vision branding blanketed the city, ensuring Odonil couldn't be missed.

Multi-Sensory Experience: Strategic product placements allowed them to directly experience the fresh fragrance, creating a lasting impression that transcended traditional advertising.

Scentsational Results: Passengers exposed to the in-cab experience were significantly more likely to choose Odonil products, proving the power of multi-sensory marketing to drive purchase decisions.


Dabur Odonil’s Car Wrap Advertising campaign with Wrap2Earn, India's leading cab branding agency, stands as a testament to the power of multi-sensory branding. They utilized strategic one-way vision branding on the backs of cabs. This ensured high visibility at an affordable price point and turned every traffic jam into a mobile billboard. Monsoon or not, Dabur Odonil made a lasting impression, leaving a fresh scent on both minds and shopping carts.