Get app downloads using outdoor advertising

Get app downloads using outdoor advertising

Since consumers naturally tend towards the profound and recurring impact of advertising, they generally recall and take pleasure in responding more vividly towards OOH (out-of-home) ads rather than those from in-house advertising categories. Hence, consumers eagerly, rapidly, and compulsively begin to download their application on beholding the charming world of intensely captivating outdoor advertising, which keeps on constantly luring their interests.

No wonder, the mobile app segment is continuously spreading and ever-growing; and there are even more app companies advertising outdoors to entice new users and downloads. As such, billboard or hoarding advertising begets a lot of benefits for app advertisers.

Also, billboards or hoarding at vantage locations prove to be its strongest selling point. Picking the best location locally will allow your app’s services to be seen by most traffic living or working locally, thus allowing you to create a very strong brand presence in those areas before you expand into others.

Placing your app’s campaign on a billboard or hoarding enables your brand to be perceived as a new and exciting app. You can focus and tailor your message to entice your target audience and showcase the benefit of your app.

OOH advertising includes billboards or hoardings, wallscapes, and posters seen while you are traveling. Outdoor advertising smartly communicates the message to the general public through highway billboards, transit posters, and so on. It is a very important form of advertising as the ads are huge and visible. Such advertising impactfully publicizes your business’s products and services. Various types of outdoor advertising include billboards, interiors & exteriors, taxis and business vehicles, bus benches, and signage posted on the exterior of your own brick-and-mortar location, etc.

OOH advertising has proven to be the most effective offline medium to drive online activity. A study reveals that OOH advertising generates more online activity per dollar spent than television, radio, and print media. Outdoor advertising works well for promoting your products in specific geographical areas. For small business owners, billboards, bus benches, and transit advertising can be very effective. Consumers get wonderful opportunities to get app downloads chosen from such varieties of advertising.

Consumers indeed, react to OOH ads and they start searching for more information in real time plus discussing the product or application being advertised with those around them. Instant purchase of items by customers after studying the advertising campaign, is also commonly noticed and experienced.

In the past, outdoor advertising was less efficient for mobile applications. In-app advertising did the trick! Nowadays, the market is saturated with overlapping applications. Out-of-home media is more stabilized whereby reaching and reinforcing your brand to your target audience becomes simpler. A case in point is about consumers suffering long queues at the marketplace, suddenly deciding to take recourse to app download instead, and enjoying delivery convenience of their groceries, right at their doorstep

Mobile apps and web brands should boldly use outdoor advertising. It certainly is an effective way to promote their brand and encourage app downloads and usage.

One of India’s best-known advertising companies in the car segment, Wrap2Earn & LytAds, deserves special accolades for its work on DOOH (digital-out-of-home) technology, which has proved to be a dynamic, innovative, advertising expediency, facilitating real-time electronic data output.