How Can OTT Platforms Like Netflix And Amazon Prime Leverage Cab Wrap Advertising

How Can OTT Platforms Like Netflix And Amazon Prime Leverage Cab Wrap Advertising
How Can OTT Platforms Leverage Cab Wrap Advertising

OTT platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime have revolutionized the way we consume entertainment. With their on-demand, binge-worthy content, they have managed to amass a large user base worldwide. The question now is how these OTT platforms can leverage cab wrap advertising to further boost their viewership and brand visibility.

Cab wrap advertising, also known as car advertising or taxi advertising, is a potent form of outdoor advertising that utilizes the exterior of a vehicle as a mobile billboard. This form of transit advertising is particularly effective in densely populated cities where millions of impressions can be made daily. According to data from Wrap2Earn, one of the leading car advertising companies, an average cab in a city like New York can generate over 1.5 million impressions per month.

Given the high population density and the time people spend commuting in cabs or Uber cars, cab branding offers an excellent opportunity for OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime to reach out to potential subscribers. Research shows that commuters are more likely to engage with advertisements they see while on the move due to a lack of distractions.

Wrap2Earn's tech-enabled OOH analytics provide advertisers with real-time data on impressions made and areas covered by each cab. These metrics help advertisers measure the impact of their campaign and make necessary adjustments for improved ROI.

Moreover, internal cab branding or in-cab advertising allows for targeted messaging based on demographic data such as age group, gender, income level etc., which can be beneficial for OTT platforms looking to promote specific shows or movies.

The cost-effectiveness of cab wrap advertising makes it a competitive choice among other forms of outdoor advertising. According to Advertising Metrics by Wrap2Earn, cab wrap advertising costs significantly less per impression compared to traditional billboards or TV ads.

Furthermore, Wrap2Earn’s KPI in car advertising ensures impactful advertising by tracking key performance indicators such as recall rate and conversion rate. These KPIs give advertisers a clear picture of the effectiveness of their campaign and help them make informed decisions.

In conclusion, OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime can significantly benefit from cab wrap advertising. It provides them with a cost-effective, impactful and measurable way to reach out to potential subscribers in densely populated cities. With Wrap2Earn's tech-enabled OOH analytics, OTT platforms can track the performance of their campaigns in real time and make necessary adjustments for improved ROI. To learn more about how Wrap2Earn can help your brand leverage cab wrap advertising, visit