Targeted Advertising Success: How Hyperice Conquered the Mumbai Market with LytAds

How Hyperice Conquered the Mumbai Market with LytAds
How Hyperice Conquered the Mumbai Market with LytAds


In a competitive market like sports recovery equipment, standing out and reaching your target audience can be a challenge. Hyperice, a leading brand in the industry, understood this and devised a strategic marketing campaign with LytAds, a street-level taxi-top advertising media platform.

Strategic Objectives:

Hyperice aimed to achieve three key objectives with this campaign:

  • Boost brand awareness: Increase brand recognition and familiarity among potential customers in Mumbai.
  • Drive foot traffic: Encourage customers to visit their physical stores in the city.
  • Leverage brand ambassador Virat Kohli's influence: Utilize Kohli's popularity and reputation to enhance brand engagement and trust.


To achieve these objectives, Hyperice and LytAds implemented a multi-faceted strategy:

  • Dynamic creatives: The campaign utilized gifs instead of static ads to showcase their product offerings. These ads featured brand ambassador Virat Kohli, further amplifying their impact.
LytAds x Hyperice
LytAds x Hyperice
  • Geo-targeted advertising: Leveraging LytAds' expertise, the ads were strategically displayed on digital screens near shopping malls where Hyperice stores were located. This ensured the campaign reached potential customers in relevant locations, increasing the chances of in-store visits.
  • Time-targeted ad placement: Ads ran specifically during morning and evening peak hours, aligning with the times when potential customers are more likely to be making shopping decisions.

The Outcome:

The Hyperice x LytAds campaign saw impressive results:

  • 153k+ Ad Plays: This ensured that the brand communication reached a significant portion of the target audience.
  • 420+ Display Hours: This helps in portraying consistent brand visibility throughout the campaign.

These quantifiable results demonstrate the effectiveness of the campaign in achieving its objectives.


This case study demonstrates the power of a well-executed targeted marketing campaign. Hyperice with the help of LytAds, successfully boosted brand awareness and increased foot traffic. This data-driven approach serves as an inspiration for brands seeking to reach and engage their target audience effectively. Ready to scale your brand like Hyperice? Contact LytAds today and discover how our targeted advertising solutions can help you achieve your marketing goals.