LytAds x Zepto: A Case Study in Hyperlocal Success

LytAds x Zepto
LytAds x Zepto

In today's fast-paced world, capturing customer attention requires innovative and targeted marketing strategies. Zepto, known for its lightning-fast grocery delivery service, aimed to enhance brand visibility and masses. With LytAds, they embarked on a multi-channel campaign that leveraged the power of OOH advertising to align with their existing marketing efforts and amplify their reach.

Strategic Objectives:

Zepto's primary objectives for the campaign were:

  • Enhance brand visibility and recall: As a relatively new player in the market, Zepto aimed to increase brand awareness and establish itself in the minds of Mumbai consumers.
  • Reach audience in targeted locations: Zepto wanted to ensure their advertising reached potential customers within their delivery zones, maximizing campaign impact.
  • Align with their marketing efforts: The campaign needed to seamlessly integrate with Zepto's overall marketing strategy to create a cohesive brand experience.


LytAds crafted a strategic campaign that addressed Zepto's objectives through the following solutions:

  • Geo-targeted and time-targeted ads: LytAds utilized their hyperlocal expertise to place ads in strategic locations within Zepto's delivery zones. Additionally, ads were displayed during peak delivery hours to capture the attention of potential customers when they were most likely to order groceries.
  • Minimalistic creative: To ensure clear messaging and brand recognition simple yet impactful creative designs were used that highlighted Zepto's value proposition – fast and convenient grocery delivery.
LytAds x Zepto
LytAds x Zepto
  • Roadshow: A roadshow featuring a convoy of six branded cars cruising through key neighborhoods, further boosting brand visibility and creating a buzz around Zepto. This offline activation was strategically tied to the digital ad campaign for a unified brand experience.
Zepto Roadshow
Zepto Roadshow
  • Engaging giveaway: To incentivize engagement and brand recall, LytAds distributed free umbrellas to passengers during the roadshow, offering a practical and memorable takeaway.

The Outcome:

The Zepto and LytAds campaign achieved remarkable results:

  • 190k+ total ad plays: This ensured widespread brand exposure.
  • 500+ display hours: This ensured maximizing visibility throughout the campaign duration.
  • 1-month campaign: The campaign effectively positioned Zepto in the minds of Mumbai consumers, contributing to brand recognition and growth.


Zepto x LytAds taxi top digital led screen campaign demonstrates the power of hyperlocal advertising combined with innovative strategies. By understanding Zepto's specific goals and leveraging their local expertise, LytAds crafted a campaign that delivered impressive results. This case study serves as an inspiration for brands seeking to effectively engage their target audience through targeted, creative, and integrated marketing initiatives.