Turning Vegan Doesn't Have to Be Hard: Peta Proves It with LytAds

Turning Vegan Doesn't Have to Be Hard: Peta Proves It with LytAds
Turning Vegan Doesn't Have to Be Hard: Peta Proves It with LytAds


For many people, transitioning to a vegan lifestyle can seem daunting. Concerns about finding delicious and convenient vegan options, as well as the perceived higher cost, often act as barriers. Recognizing these misconceptions, animal rights organization Peta partnered with LytAds to launch a unique campaign aimed at debunking these myths and encouraging Mumbaikars to embrace a vegan lifestyle.

Strategic Objectives

The campaign had two primary goals:

  1. Debunk the misconception that being vegan is challenging and time-consuming: The campaign aimed to showcase the ease and accessibility of vegan food options in India.
  2. Address the perception of vegan food being more expensive: The campaign also wanted to highlight that vegan food doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive.


To achieve these objectives, the campaign leveraged LytAds' digital taxi top screens across Mumbai. The campaign featured eye-catching visuals of the Vada Pav alongside messaging that emphasized its vegan credentials and affordability. The campaign also utilized simple messaging like "Mumbai: Go Vegan. It’s easier than you might think!" to further drive home the message.

LytAds x Peta
LytAds x Peta

The Outcome

The campaign generated a significant buzz and was a resounding success, exceeding expectations and achieving the following results:

  • 1.5 million+ Ad Plays: This ensured that the message about vegan misconceptions reached a significant portion of the target audience.
  • 4k+ Display Hours: This maintained brand visibility and kept the vegan Vada Pav message top-of-mind
  • 1 month campaign: The month-long campaign duration allowed for repeated exposure and message reinforcement, maximizing the impact on brand recall and encouraging exploration of vegan options.


The Peta x LytAds’ digital taxi top screen campaign demonstrates the power of effective storytelling and targeted messaging in promoting positive social change. By using a relatable and popular food item like the Vada Pav, the campaign successfully addressed common misconceptions about veganism and encouraged people to explore this lifestyle choice.