A Guide to DOOH Advertising in India

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A Guide to DOOH Advertising in India

Digital Out-of-Home advertising is on the rise and quickly catching up in India as well. It is a vast media of advertising which focuses on outdoor advertising but with a digital twist. It uses technology to make Out-of-Home advertising more effective with digital signage and other advanced technologies. Advertising agencies like BuzzOmni stand at the forefront of this exciting revolution.

To know more about this revolution let's dive into its various formats and tips to measure success in DOOH.

Understanding DOOH Formats:

  1. MUPIs (Mobilier Urbain pour l'información):

They are compact digital screens strategically placed in high-traffic urban locations. Also known as “Urban furniture for information”, they are your street-level storytellers. Placed strategically in high-population areas, they communicate with people on the move without causing any distractions.

Who's the audience? Anyone passing by!

This makes MUPIs perfect for local businesses looking to make a strong street-level impact.


2. Bus Shelter Advertising:

Imagine capturing the attention of commuters waiting for their ride. That's the magic of bus shelter advertising. With a mix of visuals and concise messages, it's a canvas for brands to engage a captive audience.

Who benefits? Brands seeking to reach urban dwellers during their daily commutes.

Bus Shelter Advertising
Bus Shelter Advertising

3. Billboard Advertising: The Classic Medium:

Billboards, the ageless giants of outdoor advertising, continue to make a bold statement. Placed strategically along highways and busy intersections with heavy traffic, they reach a diverse audience.

Who's watching? Everyone!

It is ideal for brands aiming for widespread visibility and impact.

4. LED Screens in Corporate Parks, Commercial Spaces, and  Residential Societies:

Picture LED screens lighting up corporate parks and societies, capturing the attention of professionals, commuters, and residents alike. This format is a sophisticated way for brands to engage an upscale audience.

Who's the audience? Professionals, residents, and other passers-by!

Perfect for brands on the higher end who want to target a certain demographic.

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5. Taxi-Top Advertising: On-the-Move Impact:

Cutting through the clutter of city traffic, these Taxi Top Digital LED Screens are perfect for advertising for a wide range of audiences. Taxi-top LEDs turn Cabs into moving billboards, taking your message to the streets. These are ideal for brands aiming for dynamic visibility.

Who sees it? Pedestrians, other drivers, and anyone within sight range.

Perfect for those wanting a mobile presence in city traffic.

Some tips to create effective Digital Out-of-Home campaigns:

  1. Using Digital Signage:

Unlike traditional static signs, digital signage allows for dynamic and interactive content. Digital signage uses technologies like LCD, LED, or projection. Hence, it can be remotely controlled and updated, offering flexibility and adaptability for different marketing needs.

2. Rotate Content Regularly to Maintain Audience Interest:

Imagine if you keep seeing the same movie over and over – it gets boring, right? The same goes for your DOOH ads. Change things up regularly so that people stay interested. It's like having a new story to tell every time someone looks at your ad – keeps things fresh and exciting!

3. Craft Concise and Compelling Messages:

In simple terms, when creating your DOOH campaign, make sure your message is short, clear, and interesting. People are busy, and they need to understand your message quickly. So, say what you want to say in a way that grabs attention and sticks in their minds.

4. Utilize Vibrant Visuals and Bold Fonts for Better Visibility:

Imagine you're telling a story with pictures and words. Use bright colors and big, bold letters so that even from a distance, people can see and read what you're saying. It's like making your message stand out in a crowd – the more eye-catching, the better.

But how can you measure the success of DOOH campaigns?

1. Increased Brand Awareness:

Gauge the success of your DOOH campaign by assessing how many people recognize and remember your brand. If more individuals in your target audience can recall your brand or message after seeing your digital outdoor ads, it indicates a positive impact on brand awareness.

2. Growth in Website Traffic or Social Media Engagement:

Track the number of people visiting your website or engaging with your brand on social media platforms. If you notice a significant increase in website traffic or more likes, comments, and shares on social media, it suggests that your DOOH campaign is effectively driving online interactions and interest in your brand.

3. Surveys and Feedback from the Target Audience:

Directly gather insights from your audience by conducting surveys or seeking feedback. This could involve asking questions about the recall of your outdoor ads, the message conveyed, or the overall impact. Positive responses and constructive feedback can provide valuable information about the effectiveness of your DOOH campaign.

4. Conversion Rates and Sales Data:

Analyze how your DOOH campaign translates into actual business results. Monitor the conversion rates – the percentage of people who saw your ad and took a desired action, such as making a purchase or signing up for a service. Additionally, assess sales data to understand if there is a noticeable increase in product or service uptake during or after the campaign period. This concrete data reflects the tangible impact of your DOOH efforts on driving business outcomes.


With the help of these pointers, you will be able to grasp a better understanding of DOOH advertising in India.  DOOH is an ever-evolving industry because of newer technological advancements so by using it to its maximum ability you can make advertising easier for your brand! BuzzOmni is a prominent and leading player in outdoor advertising agencies and the one-stop platform for all your media needs. With the help of BuzzOmni's expertise, achieve your DOOH goals.