LytAds: How Cloud9 Scored Big with Cricket Fever

LytAds: How Cloud9 Scored Big with Cricket Fever
Cloud9 LytAds Taxi Top Campaign


In the dynamic world of energy drinks, standing out from the pack takes more than just caffeine. Cloud9, a rising star in the budget-friendly beverage scene, knew this all too well. So, when the Cricket World Cup fever gripped the nation, they devised a campaign as electrifying as the game itself, leveraging LytAds taxi-top digital LED screens in Mumbai to the max!

Strategic Objectives:

Cloud9 x LytAds' Cricket World Cup taxi-top advertising campaign wasn't just about chugging down energy; it was a multi-pronged strategy aimed at:

  • Establishing brand presence: As a newcomer, they needed to make a loud and clear statement in the crowded energy drink market.
  • Flavor spotlight: Showcase two distinct offerings - Berry and Classic - showcasing each taste was crucial.
  • IPL hype hijack: Riding the wave of cricket mania, they aimed to boost brand engagement and association with the Cricket World Cup.
  • Visibility and recall: Making Cloud9 synonymous with energy, excitement, and affordability.


The campaign wasn't just about slapping a simple logo creative on the digital screens; Cloud9 used attention-grabbing and strategic elements to win Mumbai's hearts:

  • Extensive PAN Mumbai coverage: 200+ taxi top screens across the city ensured extensive brand presence, keeping Cloud9 front and center in every cricket fan's journey.
  • Multiple creatives, targeted goals: Different video ads showcased both Berry and Classic flavors, highlighting their unique taste profiles and catering to diverse preferences.
  • Free refreshments, happy riders: To sweeten the deal, over 17,000 people were treated to free Cloud9 bottles, turning rides into impromptu brand tasting sessions and fostering positive associations.
  • World Cup ticket giveaway: Adding a layer of excitement, Cloud9 ran a contest offering free world cup tickets, injecting the campaign with a dose of cricketing fervor and driving engagement through the roof.

The Outcome:

The campaign roared to a success with:

  • 690k+ total ad plays: Cloud9 became an unavoidable presence on Mumbai streets, reaching a massive audience.
  • 1.9K+ total display hours: The vibrant videos captivated riders, ensuring extended brand exposure and engagement.
  • 3-month campaign impact: The sustained campaign kept Cloud9 buzzing in minds long after the last ball was bowled.


Cloud9 x LytAds' taxi top digital led screen campaign proved that budget-friendly doesn't have to mean low-impact. By leveraging strategic placements, targeted messaging, and interactive elements, they turned LytAds cabs into brand ambassadors, successfully establishing themselves in the energy drink arena and conquering Mumbai with every flavorful ride. So, the next time you hear the roar of the crowd, remember that even budget-friendly brands can score big with the right strategic blend of creativity and engagement.