PawsThePataka: How LytAds & HUFT Raised Awareness for Animal Welfare During Diwali

How LytAds & HUFT Raised Awareness for Animal Welfare
How LytAds & HUFT Raised Awareness for Animal Welfare 


Diwali, the festival of lights, is a time for celebration and joy. However, the loud noises and air pollution associated with fireworks can be distressing for animals, causing anxiety, disorientation, and even physical harm. Recognizing this concern, LytAds, a leading taxi-top advertising platform, partnered with HUFT, an animal welfare organization, to launch the PawsThePataka campaign. This innovative initiative aimed to raise awareness about the impact of Diwali on animals and encourage responsible celebrations.

Strategic Objectives:

The PawsThePataka campaign had two core objectives:

  1. Deliver a Social Message: To educate the public about the harmful effects of Diwali festivities on animals and advocate for their welfare.
  2. Encourage Empathy: To foster compassion and understanding for the challenges faced by animals during Diwali, prompting individuals to celebrate in a more considerate manner.


To achieve these goals, LytAds and HUFT implemented the following strategies:

  • Strategic Timing: The campaign ran for 7 days during the Diwali season, capitalizing on the peak timing and delivering the message during the festival to cause a direct impact.
  • Compelling Message: The campaign utilized the hashtag #PawsThePataka, a clear and concise communication that resonated with the campaign objectives.
  • Eye-catching Creatives: Unique and witty creatives were displayed on LytAds screens, capturing attention and effectively conveying the campaign message.
  • Engaging Storytelling: The campaign showcased 30 furry friends as the campaign’s brand ambassadors, personalizing the message and creating an emotional connection with the viewers.

The Outcome:

The PawsThePataka campaign achieved impressive results:

  • 170k+ Ad Plays: This ensured widespread exposure of the campaign message.
  • 400+ Display Hours: This provided ample opportunity for viewers to engage with the content and leave an impact.
  • Positive Sentiment: The campaign received overwhelmingly positive feedback, highlighting its effectiveness in raising awareness and fostering empathy.


The PawsThePataka campaign serves as a successful example of how strategic partnerships and creative thinking can be leveraged to address crucial social issues. By harnessing the power of digital advertising and storytelling, LytAds and HUFT were able to reach a large audience and deliver an impactful message that resonated deeply with viewers. This case study demonstrates the potential of advertising for positive social change, inspiring others to adopt a more compassionate and responsible approach to celebrations.