Restaurant Branding-A Guide

Restaurant Branding-A Guide

The aim of Restaurant branding is to ever create benign emotional connections with varied customers and guests, fulfilling their tasty appetites, and culinary delights in an extremely pleasant ambiance. This fine-tuned hospitality alone will enable them to frequent this warm, welcoming place, as their pleasurable rendezvous. The restaurant in turn, via its branding, communicates its pleasing personality, vitality, and homely identity, greatly welcoming its valued clients, patrons, and visitors.

That is why it is essential to have a strong mission agenda for branding your restaurant. How well you brand and consciously exert to make your restaurant presentable to all your guests and patrons, is very important. For example, it is of critical essence that your restaurant menu is personalized to benefit your brand. In this regard, your USP (unique selling point or proposition), needs to be explored by the restaurateur, to the hilt!

Restaurant branding is the means to declare your values and mission for your hospitality, wine & dine, business. The ideal concept and welcoming ambiance thereto, play significant influence and bonhomie among different satisfied customers, who voluntarily and regularly frequent your restaurant.

Customizing your restaurant’s look is essential to be in sync with your mission statement. Hence, decor, signage, logo, packaging, lettering, colors, etc., should be an integral part and in harmony with your restaurant branding. Examples of branding techniques include the use of logos, taglines, jingles, or mascots.

For brands that want to advertise inside the restaurants & bar areas, good offers on tables are lavishly provided to regular customer clientele. The restaurant offers & promotional sale strategies are simple:

a) Offer a Freebie on no purchase requirement
b) Offer a special menu
c) Offer a BOGO (buy one, get one) deal and free desserts
d) Offer a happy hour special
e) Create a limited-run-menu item
f) Offer a personalized discount on Order-history
g) One plus one offer
h) Combos and meal boxes
i)  Loyalty programs
j)  Discounts: time-based, percentage-based or flat-off
k) Events: Chef’s special, theme-based seasonal events
l)  Product discount
m) Social media giveaways
n) Flash sale/Coupons/Lifestyle discount
o) Free sample/Free shipping, etc.

The restaurant tables are the best, convenient, and closest areas for brands’ effective advertising. Customizable table toppers and covers enable tablespace for your branding, focusing eyeball contacts from seated, relaxing guests, customers, and valued patrons. A table covering/table topper, therefore, not only protects your table but also affords tremendous advertising opportunities.

You can create multifarious graphics of your logo, point promotional events on the way, and various designs that will work year-round, for indoor tables. Tablecovers also serve as part of your interior designs, strengthening brand memorability, improving presentation, and freshening up your table. From the restaurant’s perspective, these table covers/toppers are easy to change, store, shift, and transport conveniently.

All this, along with the establishment’s delectable food & drinks; well-stocked bars, and obliging waitstaff including pleasing management; enables your customers a pleasant, homely, and unique restaurant experience. Patrons & visitors are constantly reminded about your branding in a delightfully positive light. Clients then, after their wonderful experience, will increasingly recommend your restaurant favorably, to all their friends, family, and acquaintances.

Hence, brand your restaurant so exquisitely and impeccably, that it transforms into a unique category of establishment, around several others, in the locality. Your restaurant, highly reputed for excellent food and fine drinks, should clearly become a special go-to-place for classy business lunches, especially near corporate zones or upmarket wealthy areas, However, it is essential never to lose track or, sort of CSR adherence to ethics, to graciously welcome the not-so-rich clientele too, by maintaining special time-duration days, replete with tariffs-control, to easily suit their pockets!

Advertising has mass reach and appeal which plays a beneficial role in spreading a welcoming message and awareness about your unique restaurant branding, thus increasing your clientele and business, from far and near. Such advertising displays on moving cars, attract and entice customers to visit your unique establishment. Therefore, Wrap2Earn & LytAds' independent media agency BuzzOmni, being the best advertising & media company in India, will always remain a positive contributor to your flourishing restaurant branding business, to a large extent.