Diverse Creatives, Lasting Impact: RT News' Indian Market Domination

Diverse Creatives, Lasting Impact: RT News' Indian Market Domination
RT News Cab Wrap Advertising Campaign with Wrap2Earn


In the dynamic realm of media and news dissemination, RT News, a formidable media entity, embarked on an innovative journey to capture the attention of the Indian audience. Collaborating with Wrap2Earn, a leading player in car advertising, RT News aimed to make a lasting impact through a distinctive
cab branding campaign.

Strategic Objectives

RT News pursued the objective of not only launching its presence in India but also solidifying its standing as a prominent media entity. The overarching goals included establishing a strong brand presence, capturing attention, and arousing curiosity among the diverse Indian audience.


  1. Diverse creatives: Recognizing the power of visual communication, RT News curated a diverse set of creatives with thought-provoking and attention-grabbing copy. With an ultimate aim to stand out from the clutter and provide the audience with an engaging experience, RT News chose to go the extra mile to captivate the audience's attention.
  2. Garnering Curiosity: The heart of the campaign lies in its ability to grab attention and provoke thoughts. Wrap2Earn played a crucial role in translating RT News' vision into captivating visuals that adorned the cabs, making the audience stop and stare.
  3. 10k+ cabs across 12 cities: To ensure widespread visibility, more than 10,000 cabs were utilized across 12 cities bearing RT News' creatives. This not only amplified the brand's exposure but also, allowed RT News to tap into diverse demographics and geographical locations.

The Outcome

Lasting Impact on Audience: The sheer number of cabs ensured higher visibility and recall value

Anticipation and Curiosity: The hard-hitting creatives successfully generated anticipation and curiosity among the audience.

Established Media Entity: RT News successfully achieved its goal of not only launching in India but also establishing a robust brand presence that resonated with the masses.


RT News' collaboration with Wrap2Earn for its cab branding campaign, serves as a testament to the effectiveness and benefits of taxi advertising in today's dynamic market. The combination of diverse creatives, extensive reach, and thought-provoking content, facilitated by Wrap2Earn's expertise as India's leading and most trusted cab advertising/cab branding company, ensured a lasting impact on the audience. This strategic partnership not only solidified RT News' position in the Indian media landscape but also showcased the potential for brands to make a significant and memorable mark through innovative car advertising campaigns.