Wrap and Roll: LIC's Car Advertising Campaign with Wrap2Earn

Wrap and Roll: LIC's Car Advertising Campaign with Wrap2Earn
LIC Cab Branding Campaign with Wrap2Earn India


In today's competitive world, innovative advertising methods have become crucial to building brand visibility and engaging the target audience effectively. One such method in India is car branding. Car branding in India is on the rise, with companies increasingly utilizing this unique advertising platform. LIC's collaboration with Wrap2Earn for a cab branding campaign is a remarkable example of this trend.

Cab Branding in India: A Rising Trend

Cab branding, also known as car advertising, car wrap advertising, or taxi branding, is a novel way for companies to advertise their products and services by placing ads on cars. In India, this form of advertising is gaining prominence due to its ability to generate maximum impressions and engage audiences on the move.

LIC, a renowned name in the insurance and investment sector, leveraged the benefits of taxi advertising to achieve its marketing goals effectively.

The Goals: Elevating Brand Visibility and Engagement

LIC had several objectives in mind when they embarked on their car branding campaign:

  1. Increase Brand Visibility: LIC aimed to enhance its presence in the market, capturing the attention of potential customers.
  2. Promote LIC's Schemes: The company intended to showcase its diverse range of insurance and investment schemes.
  3. Enhance Awareness and Engagement: Engaging the audience and fostering brand awareness were top priorities.
  4. Generate Interest and Inquiries: LIC sought to spark interest in its offerings, leading to inquiries from potential clients.

The LIC x Wrap2Earn Collaboration: An Innovative Approach

LIC partnered with Wrap2Earn, a company that specializes in car branding, for a comprehensive cab branding campaign in India.

Strategic Campaign Details:

  • The campaign was executed in two phases, with 50 cars deployed for the first three months and an additional 75 cars for the subsequent three months.
  • To effectively differentiate and promote each of its schemes, LIC designed five distinct creatives, each catering to a specific LIC offering.
  • The campaign was strategically implemented over six months, ensuring consistent and sustained brand visibility in the city of Ahmedabad.
LIC Car Wrap Advertising Campaign Creative
LIC Car Wrap Advertising Campaign Creative
LIC Car Advertising Campaign Creative
LIC Car Wrap Advertising Campaign Creative
LIC Car Branding Campaign Creative
LIC Car Wrap Advertising Campaign Creative
LIC Cab Branding Campaign Creative
LIC Car Wrap Advertising Campaign Creative

Impressive Results: Making an Impact with Car Branding in India

The LIC car wrap advertising campaign with Wrap2Earn delivered remarkable results, underscoring the power of cab advertising in India. With an astounding 106 million+ impressions, the campaign significantly elevated LIC's brand visibility, firmly establishing the company in the minds of the target audience. The wrapped cabs covered an impressive 64 million kilometers, ensuring extensive reach and repeated exposure to potential clients. The strategic six-month campaign duration allowed LIC to maintain a sustained presence in the market, fostering strong brand recall. Focused on Ahmedabad, the campaign effectively penetrated its desired market, showcasing the potential of car branding as an impactful marketing tool in the Indian landscape.


In conclusion, LIC's car branding campaign with Wrap2Earn, India's most trusted cab branding agency, demonstrates the remarkable potential of car advertising or taxi advertising for building brand success. As the trend of car branding in India continues to grow, companies looking to elevate their brand presence should consider innovative branding strategies that capture the attention of their audience, whether it's through car branding or taxi top advertising. The success of this campaign is a testament to the power of creative branding and strategic deployment in the dynamic Indian market.